Notice of Container Return throughout Russia

Container Return in Russia
Notice of Container Return through Russia from November 2022

Container return arrangement

Due to the serious blockage of depots throughout Russia, Trustana has made the following arrangements for the return of containers in Russia:

  • Yekaterinburg: You need to provide the name and tax number of the Russian transportation company when returning the container
  • Vladivostok: You need to inform the container return at least 2 days in advance, and the return order will be valid for 10 days;
  • Saint Petersburg: You need to provide the driver and license plate information to make an appointment. After it is accepted, the return order will be valid for 24 hours.

Important notice

  • All return orders must be applied from Monday to Friday, and return orders cannot be provided on weekends;
  • The return order for the whole territory of Russia can only be applied for 3 working days before the return of containers;
  • When applying for a return order, the corresponding return time must be attached so that the depot can make an appointment;
  • Make sure to contact the depot 1 working day in advance to make an appointment to return the container. If the depot cannot do it, please contact our company in time – we will complete the appointment for the new return list within 1 working day;
  • If you do not apply for a return order or make an appointment in advance, the return problem and additional costs will arise, for which our company will not bear the responsibility.

Thank you for your continued trust, support, and cooperation.

Trustana Vietnam Co., Ltd.